Computer AMC Service in Coimbatore


Pay per call basis - Buy anywhere, service it with us. Charges are nomial.

Annual Maintenance Contract - Priority service at your doorstep. We keep up our promises

Tele support - Got a problem, call our office (04224210055) and avail telesupport / remote support.

Salient Features of our AMC Offering

  • Priority is given to AMC customers while planning our daily tasks.
  • 3 periodical preventive maintenance schedules per year.
  • 8 hours X 6 days tech support on phone and remote sessions.
  • Contract Includes any number of complaint calls during the period.
  • We carry out a PM routine which will optimise your systems for performance and extends life of the machines as well.
  • Response time of 3-4 hours from the time of receipt of complaint Networking, internet and virus related troubleshooting calls are also covered in AMC
  • Contract type is non-comprehensive (pure service only) and faulty components can be replaced by us if customers purchase through their own source.

Exclusions : The scope of contract excludes cost of spares, physical damages, consumables like print heads, batteries and cartridges.

Our standard rates per PC | Laptop - Rs.1600 + GST
These rates can be lower depending on the proximity and the number of equipments that you want to cover in AMC.

Some of common hardware issues in Laptops & Personal Computer

  • Some or many of the keys are now working in the keyboard
  • Laptop heating up. Requires a good cleanup of dust and replace the paste of the heat sink
  • Laptop not powering on. Perhaps requires a motherboard check
  • Screen display is white or has lines or has bright spots
  • Broken hinge(s)
  • Blue screen error / software not initializing
  • Not connecting to wifi / unable to enable bluetooth
  • Twitching touch pad movements
  • No battery backup
  • Excessive noise from the PC
  • Machine not booting / not powering on
  • PC freezes - takes very long to respond
  • Annoying popups
  • Drive full - run out of storage
  • Not connecting to internet / network
  • Unable to print
  • PC restarting frequently
  • Unable to access certain portals / sites

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